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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

I am writing to support Eric Green’s candidacy for the Iowa Senate District #48.  Eric is a business owner in Monticello (Diamond Pi Company, a pizza restaurant).  Eric has lived nearly his entire life in the Monticello area.  He is devoted to improving opportunities for all residents of District #48.  

    Eric is committed to seeking input from “every” resident of Senate District #48.  Eric is committed to engaging in a conversation with the residents of the district by using multiple strategies to acquire feedback.  This includes face to face meetings, phone calls, and social media outlets.  As our State Senator Eric will actively engage in acquiring information from all sources in the district to carefully consider what action should be taken.  Eric will be available and accessible to every person’s perspective. Eric’s “active and visible” approach to collect and interact with individuals will ensure that the diverse perspectives of the individuals within the Senate District will be fully considered.  He will carefully assess the information he acquires and seek a position which meets the needs of the residents of District 48.

    Eric as a small business owner is clearly aware of the need for decision making by governing(school board, county supervisors, city councils)  bodies at the local level on critical issues.  Recent actions by some areas of the State government have resulted in an erosion of the ability for local decision making by counties, schools and cities.  Two recent examples of reduction of local control is the effort by some counties to set a minimum wage for the county and the ability of schools to determine when classes should be held related to COVID 19 cases. These are areas that the local government representatives are skilled to make the most appropriate decision for their region.  Eric will defend the opportunity for the local governing bodies to make decisions which are best made at the local level with information relevant to their context.

I am confident the residents of Senate District #48 will find Eric Green a person who will “actively” communicate and seek their input.  Eric will carefully consider the input and seek solutions which represent the “best” interest of the Iowa and Senate District #48.


Keith Stamp

Monticello, Iowa


To The Editor,

    Iowa’s farmers are suffering from some of the lowest prices in years for some commodities.  There are several reasons for the challenging prices which farmers are receiving.  One challenge comes from the trade war which President Trump initiated with China.  

    Most Americans probably agree that some adjustments need to be made related to trade relations with China.  However, a more effective process would be to negotiate which would lead to less damage to Iowa’s farmers. The current trade negotiations have contributed to substantial decrease in Iowa having access to China’s market for agricultural products.  According to Radio Iowa on April 12, 2018 Republican State Senators strongly endorsed the action by the Trump administration regardless of the impact on Iowa’s commodity prices.  This included Senator Dan Zumbach.  The Iowa Senate does not have a direct voice in trade policy, however members of the Iowa Senate are spokesmen to decision makers in the federal government.  Eric Green, candidate for the Iowa Senate, will be an active voice for “responsible trade negotiations” which do not leave Iowa farmers lagging with challenging commodity prices.

    Eric Green will be a listener and positive voice for every citizen in District 48.  I am confident as an elected official, Eric will be assertive to find ways to ensure the policies which protect the quality of life for every citizen and from my perspective especially farmers.  

    I encourage you to consider supporting Eric Green as your State Senator.


Dear Editor:
I am voting for Eric Green for state senate because he wants better access to affordable health care for rural Iowans.
The incumbent Senator, Dan Zumbach, like most other Republican legislators, has supported the privatization of Medicaid by the Branstad and Reynolds Administrations.
In 2016, Zumbach voted against Senate File 2125 which would have ended the privatization of Medicaid. (Senate Journal, Feb. 11, 2016). It passed the Senate 29-19, despite Zumbach's vote, but then was not taken up for a vote by the Republican majority in the Iowa House.
Medicaid privatization hurts the Iowans who are on Medicaid, because services have been delayed and denied. It also hurts rural health care providers for the same reasons - delays and denials of payments for services provided.
We need to elect Eric Green as a voice in Des Moines for access to affordable health care in rural Iowa.


To the Editor,

    Eric Green is a candidate for the Iowa Senate District #48.  I am writing to support Eric as a result of his commitment to improving education in Iowa.  Eric firmly believes that education is the cornerstone to economic development.

    Iowa’s K-12 public schools require adequate increased revenue to meet the needs of students to learn effectively.  More students are coming to school with “challenges” than previously such as mental health concerns or from families experiencing economic challenges.  The increasing challenges of students require effective staffing to meet the student needs.

    Iowa’s teachers several years ago lost many of the bargaining tools which ensured that the teacher voice would be an integral part of the school decision making process.  The restoration of the tools will ensure that the teacher's perspective will be effectively considered as schools develop policies and procedures to meet the needs of every student.

    Further Eric will support a strong Pre-K education in Iowa.  Pre-K education provides students as they begin their formal education career on a level playing field especially for students who come from families experiencing mental health or economic challenges.  

    I encourage you to support Eric Green for Senate District #48 when you vote.  I am confident Eric will be eager to provide effective support to education that ensures each student will learn.


To the Editor,

    Minimum wage and tax policy are issues which members of the Iowa Legislature will develop. Eric Green, a candidate for Senate District #48,is committed to fair income and tax policy for every individual in the Senate District and the State of Iowa. 

    Tax policy should be related to the individual’s ability to pay their fair share according to their income. Eric is committed to the principle that individuals who have higher incomes should pay a greater percent of their income to support the common good for every Iowa resident. 

Many individuals in Senate District 48 and across Iowa are struggling to meet their family expenses due to the wage they receive from their job to be near the current minimum wage rate. Iowa’s current minimum wage at $7.25 an hour will not support a family. This wage converts to an annual per person income of approximately $15,080. According to the U.S. Census (2018) Iowa’s median per person income is $31,085. Eric strongly supports the goal that every Iowan earn at least $15.00 per hour. This wage will at least meet Iowa’s median per capita wage rate. Eric believes all work is valuable and should be compensated accordingly.

    Eric Green is committed to fair tax and income policy for every person. I ask you to support Eric Green in the November general election.

Committee to Elect Eric Green
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