Look to this page to see where Eric stands on the Issues. Don’t see an issue you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll get back to you on it!


  • Cornerstone of economic development
  • Support increased funding to address challenges students and districts face
  • Restore bargaining tools for teachers, in part, to help their voices be heard more

Taxes & Wages

  • Support a progressive tax rate that asks the wealthy to contribute a little more to help fund public programs that benefit all Iowans
  • Support increasing the minimum wage to a living wage and tie it to the inflation rate

Access & Visibility

  • Eric will have open lines of communication with all District 48 residents to answer questions, hear concerns, and to hear ideas, whether it be through face to face meetings, letters, email, or social media
  • Eric will keep District 48 residents informed on what he’s doing for them while in Des Moines through social media posts and emails
  • Eric will let voters know why he voted the way he voted

Committee to Elect Eric Green
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